beaucatcher-greenway-map-1100x1311(Mountain XPress) It’s not every day that the city of Asheville returns nearly $1 million in grant money to a funder, but that’s what happened on Jan. 30 at the monthly meeting of the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority. The city received a $1 million grant to create “Riverfront Destination 2.0” in 2015, said Pat Kappes, director of public affairs for Explore Asheville, the BCTDA-funded convention and visitors bureau. The package included $25,000 to create a crosswalk and river access on Amboy Road, which have been completed.

But the majority of the award was a $975,000 contribution toward construction of the Beaucatcher Greenway, which the city will now remove from its budget. The terms of the grant required that the greenway open to the public by June 30, 2018. As of Jan. 30, the city’s classification of its status was “shovel-ready but pending funding,” with no construction actually begun.

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