b9f4887e-aaca-428a-8f19-4262478b06b0-ash1brd_04-01-2018_act_1_a002__2018_03_31_img_636573270856286385_m_1_1_qllj9s2o_l1203916932_img_636573270856286385_m_1_1_qllj9s2o(Asheville Citizen-Times) The program is indeed kaput. “Because the Wellness Program, which includes exercise classes and massage services, has not seen enough use or interest, and similar programs are available elsewhere in the community, Mission discontinued these services,” said Mission Hospital spokeswoman Nancy Lindell. “In some instances, classes had as few as one registered participant. Other classes were better attended, but we had to evaluate the program as a whole.”

In February, Nashville-based HCA Healthcare bought Mission Health, formerly a not-for-profit health care system, for $1.5 billion. HCA now owns the Mission Health system, while the money HCA paid allowed for the creation of the Dogwood Health Trust, a private nonprofit dedicated to health improvement in the region.

Lindell did not provide numbers on employees displaced, but she did offer some information about transition. “Any team members directly impacted by this decision will have access to enhanced resources to help ease their transition and, in many cases, identify new roles elsewhere within Mission Health and throughout HCA Healthcare,” Lindell said.

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