“Modern Strangers” is just one of the many, varied style, local bands and artists found playing on Buzz Radio Asheville.

(Biz Radio Asheville) We brought in 2021 with a bang and a buzz! At Midnight on New Years, our brand new sister station, Buzz Radio Asheville, launched! It features nothing but locally-connected, Asheville artists. That’s correct… 24/7 local music only!

Over the past few years, our creative community has had a home on Biz Radio Asheville, along with the rest of our entrepreneurial neighbors, to live and learn in regards to growing their own business. But they didn’t, until now, have a place that focused solely on their craft as a platform for performance, 24/7. That has all changed now.

Besides having an around the clock station playing just local music, the station also applied technologies crafted over the last year on Biz Radio Asheville, that directly connects listeners with the artists. While listening to Buzz Radio Asheville, folks can click the “Buy” link on the song to purchase the music directly from the local artists in real time! We have also been able to link social media and web pages right into the tracks, as they play, so that our Asheville-connected performers can build audience as well – right from the station’s stream itself. It’s pretty cool stuff!

Buzz Radio Asheville features All-Local Music and is locally owned and operated.

Buzz Radio Asheville also boasts it’s music format as “Asheville”. You’re as likely to hear a bluegrass song followed by a punk rock single as you are to hear a blues jam followed by an acoustic folk singer. Country, R&B, Dance, Gospel, Hip Hop and all other genre’s are welcome on the station. The only required common thread? All the acts are Asheville connected.

So be sure to check out the new station’s website at https://buzzradioasheville.com/ and help spread the word! If you are, or know, a local artist please have them email BuzzRadioAsheville@gmail.com to request a Submission Packet, to get their music on the station as well.

(NOTE: Biz Radio Asheville and Buzz Radio Asheville are locally owned, independent online radio stations. Biz Radio Asheville abandoned the AM bandwidth last Fall in order to dive full in with digital broadcasting.)