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One of the driving forces behind us creating Biz Radio Asheville was the reality that advertising has gotten so expensive in the greater Asheville area. It has gotten to the point where many businesses face prohibitive costs on the cash flow end or they have to spend so much on branding that they face a challenge seeing a return on their investment. We wanted to offer a better option.

We have intentionally structured our packages to give reasonable levels of investment, translated as low entry point costs, with the best visibility in our prime daytime programming so that our sponsors can see impact from their efforts.

Beyond the 10,000 watt terrestrial, digital and social media advertising platforms, our team also has over 80 years of combined experience in advertising, branding and marketing to offer you and our business. We want to be a resource for you and your team to help identify and carry out the best strategies, even beyond your purchases with Biz Radio Asheville, to help you achieve your goals.

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Biz Radio Asheville is Owned and Operated by Matt Mittan, broadcasting across multiple digital platforms and transmitting on 1350 WZGM through an Agency Agreement. 1350 WZGM is Owned and Managed by HRN Broadcasting.

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