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Social Media

Connecting with people and building relationships is what it’s all about.

Here are all the Biz Radio Social Media connections:

Biz Radio AVL Facebook

Matt Mittan Facebook (Daily Afternoon Host)

The Front Porch (Facebook Group for MMS Guests)

Lanny Ford Facebook (General Manager, 1350 WZGM)

Clyde Volpe Facebook (Advertising)

Michele Scheve Facebook (Host, Everything AVL)

Forrest Connor Facebook (Production Dept)

Dale Stewart Facebook (Host, Nature’s Edge)

Jesse Barry (Admin Assistant, Events/Booking)

Matt Mittan Instagram

Matt Mittan LinkdIn

Biz Radio AVL Twitter

Matt Mittan Twitter

Biz Radio AVL Instagram (Coming Soon!)

Matt Mittan YouTube (Coming Soon!)


1350 WZGM is Owned and Managed by HRN Broadcasting.
Biz Radio AVL is Owned and Operated by Mittan Media,

transmitting on WZGM through an Agency Agreement.

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