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Weekday Line Up

Weekday Line Up:

7-9 AM: Jim Blasingame – Small Business Advocate (Live Show)

9-11 AM: Clark Howard Show – Personal Finance Advice

11-Noon: Business Rock Stars (Early Show)- Entrepreneurial Profiles and Interviews

Noon-3 PM: Dave Ramsey Show – Personal and Entrepreneurial Finance Advice (Live Show – Call In)

3 – 4 PM: Business Rock Stars (Late Show)- Entrepreneurial Profiles and Interviews

4-6 PM: Matt Mittan Show – All Local, All The Time! (Live Show)
–   Weekly Features:
Mon  4:00-4:30pm – Marketing / Branding Strategies with Clyde Volpe
              Tues  5:30-6:00pmEverything AVL (Tues Edition) with Michele Scheve
              Tues  4:00-4:30pm – Profiles in Biz with Western Women’s Business Center
              Wed  4:30-5:00pm Wild Wednesday’s with WNC Nature Center
Wed  5:30-6:00pm Nature’s Edge with Dale Stewart
              Thur  5:30-6:00pm – Everything AVL (Thur Edition) with Michele Scheve
Fri     5:30-6:00pm – Anne Fitten Glenn

6-8 PM: When Radio Was
– Classic radio theater from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

8pm-7am programming provided by HRN Broadcasting.

1350 WZGM is Owned and Managed by HRN Broadcasting.
Biz Radio AVL is Owned and Operated by Mittan Media,

transmitting on WZGM through an Agency Agreement.

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